Youth Outreach


Striving to better enhance the lives of males between the ages of 12-24 in the Worcester area who are misguided, under-served and under-valued. Through intentional case management focused on areas of education, stable housing, career development, learning new social skills, and meaningful employment, our program is designed to assist all aspects of their life. This program was created in hopes of reducing the Youth Violence within our community.


  • Education Help — Through collaboration with the Worcester Public Schools we help clients finish their high school education, start and work towards higher education and gain valuable skills in trade schools.
  • Job Readiness — Addressing the growing need for individuals to develop quality resumes, address the importance of soft skills and cut down on the unemployment rate in Worcester.
  • Career Stability — Working with employers in the community to help clients gain meaningful and long lasting employment that fit aligns with them career goals.
  • Parenting Education — Providing resources and education to young fathers which include diaper and food pantries, education on co-parenting, CPR and First Aid skills, and basic child development knowledge.
  • Men’s Group — Focusing on areas of self improvement, social and emotional well being and connecting with community partners to share the latest techniques on a variety of concerns in the lives of our participants.
  • Recreation — Providing positive physical outlets that increase bonding between the clients and case workers. Activities include basketball, working out in gyms, challenge courses, etc.
  • Financial Security — From understanding banks accounts, importance of retirement, filing taxes and budgeting, clients will be taught the skills needed to become financially responsible.
  • SSYI — (Safe and Successful Youth Initiative) Thirteen cities are involved in the Massachusetts SSYI initiative, that aims to reduce violence and promote healthy development and outcomes among young males, ages 17-24. Our partners include: Worcester Youth Center, Clark University, Worcester Community Action Council, and Worcester Public Schools.

If you or someone you know who like to be considered for the Youth Outreach program please contact Eddy Pagan, Outreach Program Manager,

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