Afterschool Program


RUNS SEPTEMBER - JUNE 2:30-5:30pm!

The 2019-2020 Afterschool Year will start on Sept 3rd!

Please contact Courtney in regards to signing up

Children ages 5-12 *must have finished Kindergarten

Time: 2:30 - 5:30pm 

Monthly Fee is $140 which includes all vacation camps

$20 non refundable deposit required per each month (goes towards fee total)


During scheduled school breaks, Friendly House offers full day program from 9am-5pm. For those in our Afterschool program the vacation camp days are included in your monthly fee. If you are looking to come just for vacation camp please contact Courtney for space availability and signing up at least 48 hours prior to the start of the camp. 

Dates of Vacation Camp:

October 11th, October 31st

Nov 27th, Nov 29th

Dec 23rd, Dec 24th, Dec 26th, Dec 27th, Dec 30th, Dec 31st

Jan 1st

Feb 17th-21st

April 10, April 20th-24th

Friendly House Afterschool Philosophy

Our program fosters an appreciation of self, others and the world around us by providing a variety of activities which stimulate a child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.  Self motivated learning through discovery, exploration and hands-on involvement, coupled with many opportunities for making choices, allow for children’s individual needs to be met while encouraging respect for others.

Each child is encouraged to progress at his or her own pace through individual, small group and large group activities.  A wide range of materials are provided allowing children to  be challenged and stimulated, coming away with a learning experience consistent with their developmental needs.  Many recreational and culturally diverse activities, which foster realistic cultural awareness and respect for others, are built into the daily curriculum.  Much care is given to provide a well-rounded multicultural environment through activities, books, visitors, trips, music and games.

Activities offered:

Physical Education - A gym program is offered everyday including but not limited to basketball, soccer, kickball, parachute games, etc.

Arts and Crafts - Children will explore their own creativity under the guidance of an instructor.  Finished products are the child’s to keep

Game Room - Quiet passive games for fun and relaxation; learn the rules and skills of board games

Homework Help - Open to all children who need help with their homework, projects, book reports, etc.  Tutors are available.

F.U.N (Fitness and Understanding Nutrition) - Our FUN Program allows children the opportunity to find a true love for fitness, nutrition and cooking. Taught with an emphasis on healthy habits, children get hands on experience learning about healthy foods and preparing meals in our CASA kitchen. With funding provided by Herbalife Family Foundation, we are letting children take control of their health! 

WPI Exploradreams - Friendly House in cooperation with Worcester Polytecnical Institute (WPI) provides a social, recreational and educational program for children 6 – 12 years of age.  The program includes mentor services where participants are involved in tutoring, trips, clinics and other activities geared toward improving the children educationally, recreationally, and socially.  This group meets every Tuesday from 3pm to 5pm during the school year. Must be registered in our Afterschool program, payments up to date and fill out WPI program form. 

WPI Robotics - Friendly House in cooperation with Worcester Polytecnical Institute (WPI) offers children the opportunity to explore more options with science and technology and gives the children the experience of building a working robot. This program operates on Thursdays from 3pm to 5pm during the school year. Must be registered in our Afterschool program, payments up to date and fill out WPI program form. 

St. Francis Nursing Home Program - Friendly House in cooperation with the St. Francis Nursing Home offers “Adopt a Grandparent” program.  Approximately 15 children a week participate in a variety of activities with the elderly residents of St. Frances Nursing Home.  Activities include arts and crafts, recreational games, story time, singing and other programs. This program runs on Wednesday from 3pm - 4pm.



Area schools help provide our programs with volunteers and interns that are actively pursuing careers as well as participating in community minded classes aimed at developing as child care professionals. Volunteers get to help with a variety of activities within the Youth Department! 

Current Intern and Volunteer Colleges/High Schools

Shrewsbury High School

Assumption College

Nichols College

College of Holy Cross

Clark University

Contact Courtney to volunteer or intern



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